Numerology for New Age group or Aging

There are several people that believe numerology is a New Era scientific research and thus must be considered with suspicion, even disquieting concern. Really? Really, and very factually, this is an erroneous notion entirely unfounded in logic, cause and truth. Rather truthfully, numerology is as older as time by itself, as older as development by itself, much more than person or any lifestyle factor. When we take a basic, obvious and unbiased check out the reality of numerology, its truth is beyond question.

Numerology is definitely the scientific research of numbers as they connect with daily life. Numbers are the most general language of most. Numbers existed well before man, well before life. Numbers are just tags for energy. They may be, to be honest, one of many most natural types of communication Our god employs to connect with man.

The initial natural mathematician was Pythagoras who resided roughly 500 yrs BC. He explained, Numbers guideline the universe. Things are organized according to variety and numerical condition. It was this impressive mathematician who first seen your relationship among numbers and existence. The truth is, Pythagoras is considered being the 1st numerologist. 2500 yrs ago is a very long time. Therefore, just how can numerology are considered a “New Age” invention?Numerology

The great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, mentioned: God developed every little thing by variety, weight and determine… It will be the brilliance of God’s functions they are all done with the very best simplicity. He is the Our god of get rather than of frustration. These esteemed professionals realized the veracity of numbers as the cornerstone in the first step toward the world. Therefore, numbers existed prior to gentleman, well before existence.

Think of the Periodic Desk of Elements, every one of which is associated to words and numbers. For instance, gold has a letter icon of “Au” as well as an atomic quantity of 79. Silver carries a letter mark of “Ag” along with an atomic variety of 74. Oxygen’s symbol is “O” as well as its atomic variety is 8. So it will be because of the components, every is recognized by letter and Number.

In addition, consider sound, light, and electrical power. They may all be analyzed employing numbers. In fact, what is there that cannot be lessened to numbers? When a person creates a declare that numerology is “New Grow older,” maybe this is due to the truth of numbers is totally new directly to them, but obviously numbers… in addition to their connection to our lives on its own… usually are not new.


The truth of numerology is that it will not be “New Grow older” but “Old Age” – as older as production alone. Numerology will be the divine technology of numbers as well as their romantic relationship to our lives and Free access here. It is far from to get scary. It is to be embraced. By way of numerology, The lord provides us the power and opportunity to find out our everyday life and destinies in order that we will not be ignorant, and burning off our ignorance we could make psychic strides and gains towards our greatest flexibility and spirit liberation.