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Usually, Part-time nursing students are people that are interested in a nursing career but have other duties that interfere with their abilities to attend normal classes. Of late, there was a fantastic ascent in the amount of part-time nursing students for many different reasons. Taking a look at the general scenario, it seems that the looming specter of nursing shortage is the common driving force behind many pupils opting for part-time classes.

BLS’ 10-year Projections are widely utilized in career advice and come in handy for worried institutes in planning education and training applications and also in analyzing long-range employment trends. Therefore, the BLS’ report that more than 2.9 million RNs will be used in the year 2012, up 623,000 in the almost 2.3 million RNs employed in 2002 has meant that lots of aspirants have chosen to research and seek after a career in nursing.

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Unfortunately, There’s not been commensurate growth in nurse part time job because of which nursing institutes cannot increase seats in regular classes. Found inside this backdrop, let is examine some common indicators behind the growth in part-time nursing students. It is a fact that the momentous events of 9/11 tragedy have triggered a scramble for second career in nursing, because people want a job where they can make a difference in others’ lives. However, while this trend has more or less ebbed over time, the favorite choice of nursing as second career continues to ascend due to projected shortage of nurses in the coming decade.

Helen Taggart, a professor of nursing at Armstrong Atlantic State University, states, A critical shortage of nurses is creating a crisis in health care that affects the preparation of nurses and the ability to offer excellent care in the area. In keeping with this daunting prospect, her institution, the Coastal Georgia Nursing Consortium (CGNC) plans a news conference soon to announce a special program on Nursing as a Second Career.

In most Instances where aspirants have chosen to go for nursing as their next career, it is seen they are engaged in regular jobs either in healthcare business or in an entirely alien field. Such career choosers are often reluctant to let go their employment and so prone to select as part time nursing students.

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